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JALC Enrollment Up Slightly- - tops 6,000 for the Seventh Consecutive Year

From the College Board of Trustees Meeting

Board of Trustees meeting.John A. Logan College Vice President for Administration Dr. Tim Daugherty announced another strong start to a fall semester at John A. Logan College at the College’s monthly Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday evening. Daugherty announced that the tenth day enrollment report scheduled for release on Wednesday would show an enrollment of 6,425 students, which showed a slight increase over the fall 2012 enrollment when the College had 6,400 students.

“We have found that with our population and the fluctuating sizes of our in-district high schools that 6,000 students a semester is a good bench mark for our recruitment goals. When we reach 6,200 students we are pleased and when we reach 6,400 students, we are extremely pleased,” said Daugherty adding that in addition to reaching the 6,000 student mark for the seventh straight year, the College topped the 50,000 credit hour mark for the 23rd straight year.

In other board news Phi Theta Kappa officers showed the board a video that shows students how to get free math tutoring in the Student Success Center the video is also posted on YouTube and the College’s web site.

Board Chairman Jake Rendleman personally thanked the administration, faculty, and staff for all of the hard work that went into getting the fall semester started. “I know that a lot of things have to happen behind the scenes to get everything ready to start the semester. The folks in Student Services work to advise and help students, while the faculty prepares for instruction. So, I just want you to know how much the board appreciates all of the work you do.”

In other board reports, Jackie Hancock and Cheryl Graff reported on recent meetings of the Illinois Community College Trustees Association and the Southeast Regional Trustees Association. According to Graff, two areas of major concern for trustees in the coming year are how changes in Veteran’s funding and the new Affordable Care Act will be managed.

Chairman Rendleman reported that the Human Resources Committee had met with Kemper CPA group to discuss the recent College audit. According to Rendleman, Kemper auditors suggested that the College develop contracts for grant employees. He stated that the committee agreed with the recommendation and that Dr. Clay Brewer, executive director for human resources, and College legal counsel would be working on the contracts. Rendleman added that minimum requirements for two NTP positions in the Information Technology Department would be changed from a bachelor’s degree to an associate’s degree. According to Rendleman, the types of certifications that those individuals need to perform in those positions outweighed the degree requirement.

Trustee Don Brewer announced the recommendation that the men’s golf team be upgraded to Division 1. According to Brewer, the men’s golf team is the only D-2 program at the school, and that coaches at four-years schools where JALC coaches were trying to send player were looking less and less at D-2 players. Brewer added that the men’s golf team has won two national titles at the D-2 level and were looking forward to competing against D-1 schools. He then stated that there would be no change in budget or scholarships with this move.

Brewer finished his report by thanking Dr. Tim Daugherty for compiling data for the Athletic Advisory Committee on budgets and the history of the athletic program. Brewer said that it would take the committee some time to digest the material, and that it would be used to help the athletic department in developing a mission statement. Brewer added that he wanted to make sure that JALC is in complete compliance with Title IX. Trustee Bill Kilquist also commented that he wants to pay special attention to Title IX, and that he would like to see more in-district athletes competing at the College.

In officers reports, Vice President for Business Services and College Facilities Brad McCormick reported on the activities of the Board Policy Committee. According to McCormick, three policies were being presented for first reading. First, the adoption of the core values for the college that resulted from the surveys distributed during the strategic planning process. According to McCormick, over 1,000 surveys of staff, students and stakeholders were received and the core values were representative of those responses. Second, professional growth for NTP staff was addressed. McCormick stated that a policy change was required to equal the compensation given to individuals who earn a master’s or doctorate degree while employed at the College. The third policy, allows for the Information Technology Department to lease a safety deposit box for offsite storing of crucial data back-ups.

Vice President for Instructional Services Deborah Payne reported that online enrollment was down slightly, but attributed it to the fact that the College had gone back to the five-day instructional calendar. According to Payne, some students had taken online classes in recent years because they could not get a class schedule to fit their life schedule, but now with more options, some students that were taking online are opting for more face-to-face instruction.

The board approved the following consent agenda items: an agreement with EnerNOC Energy Consulting to assist in developing and implementing an energy purchasing strategy and for services that will provide the College with real time monitoring of energy use; remolding of the campus police department; transfer of men’s golf team from D-2 to D-1.

The following personnel items were approved: part-time, grade II, secretary II (women’s health and wellness), Stephanie Smith; full-time , grade III, secretary III (campus safety), Johnna Johnston; full-time, grade 5, associate director of network infrastructure, Travis Geske; full-time, CCR&R quality specialist, Melissa Brown; full-time, grade, coordinator of procurement technical assistance center, Chris Barr.
Other personnel moves approved include: approval of the academic rank of professor for business instructor Lora Hines; approval of the academic rank of associate professor for cosmetology instructor Nancy Jo Crowell; retirement request of interpreter preparation instructor Paula Willig effective September 1, 2014; and the ratification of 21 term faculty members and 15 continuing education faculty.

The next scheduled meeting of the John A. Logan College Board of Trustees is Tuesday, September 24 at the West Frankfort Extension Center, 19 West Frankfort Plaza. An open house for the new facility is scheduled from 4:30 to 6 followed by a public budget hearing at 6:30 and board meeting at 7.