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JALC Trustees Approve Strategic Plan

The John A. Logan College Board of Trustees voted unanimously Tuesday to approve a Strategic Plan that will help guide the College over the next five years.  The document was prepared by consultant Tom Wunderle, along with input from John A. Logan College faculty and staff.

The Strategic Plan is essential to the College’s continued accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission and will help guide decisions and projects over the next three years in the areas of student success, management, operational effectiveness, and diversity in the coming years.

The plan had originally been brought up for a vote at the May Board of Trustees meeting, but had been tabled until June to give the trustees ample time to read the lengthy document.  Trustee Don Brewer thanked Chairman Rendleman for delaying the vote to give the board the necessary time.  The document was revised to state that the board reserved the right to amend, alter or change the plan upon appropriate notice at any regularly scheduled or special meeting called for that purpose.

Rendleman commented that the additional disclaimer was added to the document as a safety mechanism due to the long-term effect of the plan.

“As we look down the road we have to be prepared for issues that could arise because of pension reform or other funding concerns that might result in the need to reprioritize aspects of the plan.”

President Mike Dreith was excited that the plan will soon be implemented.

“This work is a wonderful example of shared governance. Students, staff, faculty, administration and trustees collaborated in creating this blueprint for JALC’s future. We have taken our collective vision and published it for all to see. Now, the hard work begins–taking the vision and making it into reality.”

In other board news, Rendleman and Vice Chair, Jackie Hancock reported on the recent Illinois Community College Trustees Association meeting in Chicago.  Hancock congratulated all of the award winners from the College that were recognized at the conference including former trustee John O’Keefe, for his lifetime membership award and JALC Faculty of the Year, David England and Term Faculty of the Year, Steve McLaughlin, who was the overall  state award winner as well.

Hancock added that there were several good sessions including a presentation by the College’s Director of College Relations, Dr. Steve O’Keefe, regarding his doctoral research on the effects that massive retirements in the Illinois Community College System will have on leadership.

In officer reports, Vice President for Administration, Dr. Tim Daugherty reported that the final spring enrollment number for all students served was 18,338.  The number represents all areas of the College including Business and Industry and Continuing Education and is a 9.7% increase over last spring. Daugherty reported that the 10th-day summer enrollment of 3,470 students showed an increase of 62 students over last summer.  He added that credit hours were down slightly, but that number could be attributed to the fact that students at the Community Health Education Building that had previously been enrolled in a four-hour class were now enrolled in a two hour class.

Daugherty said that a report prepared by Director of Student Activities Adrienne Barkley Giffin, showed the number of individuals that had interaction at the College.

“The number of 139,000 on this report reflects our best estimate of the number of participants we have had at events such as Hunting and Fishing Days, Autumn-Fest and various other activities such as sporting events and theatrical production.  This really shows the amount of outreach that we truly have on this campus,” stated Daugherty.

President Dreith said that despite the fact that a conference committee had been formed in the General Assembly to resolve the pension issue, there seems to be little head way being made.  According to Dreith, the committee actually puts the issue into a timeless process because conference committees have no deadlines.

“This conference committee just insures further gridlock on this and most political insiders do not see a resolution to this anytime in the near future.”

The board approved the following consent agenda items: joint agreements with Illinois Eastern Illinois Community College, Kaskaskia College, Rend Lake College, Shawnee College, Southeastern Illinois College, and Southwestern Illinois College; prevailing wage act resolution; inter-fund loans; the purchase of Dell computers in the amount of $142,181.50; the FY 2014 Resource Allocation and Management Plan; the low bid of $1,095,100 to W.F. Stift, Inc. for renovations to the cosmetology and dental labs; the low bid of $41,500 and $13,500 to W.F. Stift, Inc. for alternate construction at the West Frankfort Extension Center;  continued relationship with Interactive Health Screening for FY 2014 at an estimated cost of $205 per eligible employee.

In addition to the approval of the Strategic Plan, the board approved July 31 or Aug. 1 as the date for the board retreat to be conducted by the executive director of the Illinois Community College Trustee Association for the purpose of self-evaluation.

In new business, the board approved the employment of Pixie Vaughn as a part-time, grade III, Secretary III (administrative assistant to the President).  The retirement request by Suzie Ward was also approved for December 2013.