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Denver-Based Company Makes JALC First JUCO Recipient of In-Kind Grant

Logan Media Services

JALC Associate Professor of Finance David England (pictured standing at a stock investment seminar) is thankful to have received a software donation from CQG, Inc. that will allow students to have hands-on experience with CQG’s electronic trading tools.  The in-kind gift is valued at $450,000. (Logan Media Services photo)

CARTERVILLE – Classical and Quantum Gravity (CQG, Inc.) of Denver recently announced that John A. Logan has become the first community college in the country to join the company’s “CQG on Campus” partnership program.

The program is designed to support futures industry education for college and university students while providing hands-on experience with CQG’s electronic trading tools.

CQG’s original donation of in-kind software was valued at $450,000 and allowed students to access CQG Integrated Client program as part of their trading and technical analysis training.

But, as the spring semester got underway at JALC instructor David England ran into a problem, the class was so popular that there were more students than licenses. That is when CQG offered to increase the number of license available to the College to 61.

Associate professor of Finance, David England, could not be more excited for his students and thankful to CQG for providing the largest in-kind donation in the history of the College.

“The additional licenses put this in-kind donation to over $500,000,” England said. “It is just a tremendous opportunity for our students because we are the only community college in the country to be part of this program and I am so excited that our students will have this opportunity.”

England said the curriculum at the college covers everything from ‘This is a stock’ to trading E-Mini futures.

“So, being able to work with the legendary CQG Futures trading platform is like a dream come true to me,” he said. “I know I speak for the college, and over 60 very excited students when I say thank you very much CQG for the opportunity.”

It has been a big year for CQG in terms of adding university partners. Earlier this year, in-kind software gifts were made to the University of Dayton’s Hanley Trading Center and the University of Colorado Denver’s new J.P. Morgan Center for Commodities, according to Bette Smith, Vice President of Communications at CQG.

“We hope that the students at John A. Logan College will benefit from the experiential learning now available to them with our trading and analytics platform, which will allow them to analyze markets and simulate trades,” Smith said.

John A. Logan College President Mike Dreith expressed great pleasure with what England has been able to do with his program at the college.

“In the short time that I have been at John A. Logan College I have been amazed with the level of excitement that David’s classes and seminars generate. What this partnership with a company as respected as CQG means to us is immeasurable, and I am very thankful for this in-kind donation from CQG, especially for the benefit that it will have for our students.”

Through the CQG on Campus program, the company provides in-kind software license support to more than 12 schools in North America and abroad.

In addition to these college and university partnerships, CQG serves as the technology sponsor of the CME Group Commodity Trading Challenge, an annual event that attracts competitors from more than 90 schools worldwide.

John A. Logan College is the first community college to be part of this unique program.

For additional information regarding the in-kind donation of $500,000 from CQG to John A. Logan College Contact Associate Professor of Finance David England at 618-889-8274 or at